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Dear educators, friends and members of SUCCESS:

As we step into the year of ox, I wish you the best of luck and have a healthy and prosperous year.

Reviewing the past eleven years, our SUCCESS has made great strides toward our goal of promoting a better understanding between America and Chinese educators. 

This summer of 2009, we will continue to organize the China Study Trip. Besides Earth Science, Chinese Culture/Education, and Teaching Chinese Language groups, we created a new mathematics group for educators who are interested in learning Chinese mathematical history, such as usage of abacus, Chinese language in math, and math education in China. 

We are going to 10 cities and many geological sites in China.   It will be the same as last ten summer trips, everyone in each group can receive 9 college graduate credits towards their licenses, salary differential or further study.  The teaching Chinese language group will study one more week for 12 credits.

Please help us to recruit teachers or college students for our trip by passing the information and posting the flyers in your schools.

The SUCCESS program is now in its twelfth year, and it continues to grow as more and more members join us each year.  We greatly appreciate your continued support and we look forward to working towards to our goals together.




Jinni Xu






Dear Educators:



      SUCCESS is offering a unique China Study Trip for science, math, and language teachers during the summer break. This trip will not only provide teachers with up to 12 graduate college credits towards their teaching license (and/or salary differentials) but also it will be an once in a lifetime learning experience. While visiting China, teachers will have the opportunity to visit local schools, weather stations, cultural/science museums, a professional observatory and many areas of China.  Content-based daily lessons will be provided during the field trips.  The credits are issued by Shanghai Normal University, which are accepted by NYS/NYC Education Department & CUNY/SUNY.  In the trip of 2009, the University will offer new courses for American math teachers to learn Chinese mathematical history, special ways to teach math with Chinese language, such as usage of abacus, and the math education in China.


As a Vice President of SUCCESS, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to China and met with Chinese educators, administrators, and students.  It was a brilliant opportunity to experience Chinese culture and education first-hand and the subsequent relationships that I have developed have provided great professional exchange experience.


Last year I traveled to China with SUCCESS for the second time as a leader of science group.  During the field trips, we visited many areas with significant cultural and geological sites. For me, the highlight of the trip was visiting Wu Tai Shan (mountain)—the rock formations, gorges and waterfalls were amazing.  We witnessed the results of millions of years of geological processes in a couple of hours! It was also a great experience to travel with a group of like-minded educators while learning about the geology of China as well as being immersed in Chinese culture and language.  After field trips, we stayed at Shanghai Normal University where we had classes with professors and many activities that complemented the theme of our trip and curriculum.  The trip was well planned, the accommodations were nice and the food was great! 


       SUCCESS is a twelve-year old, non-profit organization that aims to promote multicultural/international communications, understanding, and friendship between American and Chinese educators, to enhance the exchanges in cultural and educational fields to better the professional development and performance of American and Chinese educators. SUCCESS is run by and for educators with first-hand knowledge of educators' needs. Each year, approximately 30 teachers successfully participate in the summer program. Last year’s trip was brilliant and I’m sure that this year’s trip will prove to be an equally valuable experience for all participating educators.



Jennifer D. Adams, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Science Education

Brooklyn College-CUNY





Learning Earth Science in China

In the summer of 2002 I had the privilege of venturing to China with Jinni Xu’ group.  I brought my twenty years old son and we both had a phenomenal time.  He earned humanities credits by learning Chinese and about the Chinese educational system while I earned science credits by learning some of the earth science of China. 

           While we toured China, we traveled not only with English guide, but also with a young teacher and a professor from Shanghai Teachers’ University.  The professor told us about the landforms in the areas through which we passed.  He gave us daily lectures about earth science on the bus or boat or at a site we were visiting.  We could ask him questions any time during the day.  Some of the places we visited were not open to ordinary tourists, such as a secondary school, Shanghai Weather Station from which weather news was broadcast, She-hill Observatory with an astronomical telescope.  We also visited many famous and impressive places in different areas.  We visited Yangtze River, including Three Gorges and the new hydropower dam, Great Wall and the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, the terra-cotta soldiers in Xi’an, Mao’s former summer home in Chongqing, and the Dalai Lama’s summer and winter homes in Tibet.  We visited many museums and watched cultural arts productions including the Beijing opera, Han Dynasty music on ancient instruments, Chinese Minority dances, and Chinese acrobats. We saw so many sites and learned so much, it is hard to remember it all...

One of the most enjoyable parts of the trip was the opportunity to travel with other New York City public school teachers, especially the earth science teachers.  .  As we listened to the talks on local geology or climate, the other teachers would connect to the New York State curriculum.  We saw U-shaped valleys and V-shaped valleys, identified rocks and minerals, and discussed the effect of the ocean, mountains, and trees on the climate.  Teachers would also share their areas of expertise so that we were all enriched.  This continued into our coursework at the Shanghai Teachers’ University during the last week of our stay in China.  The travel group of teachers was outstanding.  They were knowledgeable, thoughtful, fun, and friendly.  Because of this experience I would like to take future travel-study trips with science teachers and I would like to return to China.  Both were marvelous.




                                                                                                                                   Ingrid Buntschuh, Science A.P., Seward Park H.S.


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